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The best 32-inch smart TV you can buy might not be the biggest or best smart TV on the market. But don"t be fooled by these humble displays. They take advantage of the smaller scale & pack in an impressive amount of tech & features.

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Not everyone has room in their homes for one of the most advanced, biggest or the best TVs – especially now you can fill your living room with a 85-inch screen. What"s more, plenty of people also turn to lớn 32-inch TVs if they need a second screen for a kid’s room or office.

Finding the best 32-inch smart TV might be a better choice than looking for one of the best Ultra HD TVs, which can have a hard time effectively upscaling HD content. Often, you can find a Full HD mã sản phẩm that"s fairly affordable and looks great – if you know where to lớn look.

Below we’ve selected the best 32-inch smart TVs that bring you a great picture, minimal design & even some added features. Bear in mind that many of these TVs are small & slim, which means if you buy one but want to showroom some oomph lớn your audio, you might want to lớn consider one of the best soundbars lớn go with it.

We’ve done our best to đánh giá many of the best 32-inch smart TVs featured in this list. But in the cases where there isn’t a review, our expertise allows us to lớn spot a great TV when we see one. We’re confident that you’ll be able to find a compact display that’s right for you.

Best small TV


(Image credit: Samsung)

Best small TV: Samsung The Frame

The best & most stylish small TV you can buy
Screen size: 32-inch (available up to 75-inches)
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Panel type: LCD
Smart TV: Tizen
Dimensions: 728.9 x 419.4 x 24.7 mm
Reasons lớn buy
Beautifully made
Customizable bezels
Reasons to lớn avoid
Expensive compared khổng lồ rivals
No 4K

Proving that small TVs can still be stylish, our đứng đầu pick for the best 32-inch smart TV is the latest version of Samsung’s The Frame TV range, this is the Samsung The Frame (2021).

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When it’s in standby mode, the Samsung The Frame (2021) displays works of art, this way it blends into your home and doesn’t stand out for all the wrong reasons when you’re not using it. It also has a customizable frame, which makes it ideal for wall hanging.

There have been previous versions of the Samsung The Frame TV, but this latest 2021 version feels like an upgrade in the picture department. The larger sizes are 4K QLED HDR TVs, but the 32-inch mã sản phẩm is QLED Full HD HDR. There"s still a great picture here for those wanting a smaller screen. Thanks to lớn the QLED, you can expect wonderfully rich colors from The Frame TV, with Samsung making use of a Dual LED backlight system, bringing together two màu sắc temperatures khổng lồ eke the best possible image out of its Quantum Dot filter array.

During our testing, we found this TV remarkably easy lớn set up. This was thanks to the inclusion of Samsung’s fantastic One Connect box. This breakaway box connects to lớn the screen with a single clear fiber optic cable, và houses all of the connections you’ll need for external devices.

The Frame (2021) comes in a range of sizes up to lớn 75 inches, but we’re grateful that it’s available in 32-inches too for those who don’t have the space for a large TV in their homes but still want all of the style.

Samsung"s 2022 QLED TV lineup was announced at CES 2022, including a newer version of The Frame TV for 2022. That"s not here yet, but it"s expected to lớn be available lớn pre-order soon and, when it does, it might take the top spot for the best 32-inch smart TV.