Công ty 3m tuyển dụng


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77 Hoàng Văn Thái, P.7, Q.

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Tân Phú

3M Vietnam is 100% US based Company, a subsidiary of 3M US, is ranked one of vị trí cao nhất innovation companies in the world.3M is fundamentally a science-based company. We produce thousands of imaginative products, và we"re a leader in scores of markets – from health care and highway safety to lớn office products and optical films for LCD displays. Our success begins with our ability lớn apply our technologies – often in combination – khổng lồ an endless array of real-world customer needs, with 6 leading markets:* HEALTH CARE: 3M Health Care is a global leader in medical và oral care products, and drug delivery và health information systems.

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We supply innovative and reliable products that help health care professionals improve the unique of care.* CONSUMER và OFFICE: With powerful brands, innovative products và a global presence, we make life easier và more productive for consumers and office workers around the world.* INDUSTRIAL & TRANSPORTATION:We’re a global leader in tapes, abrasives, adhesives, specialty chemicals, filtration systems và software for supply chain management. We also serve the transportation market with products for the manufacture, repair & maintenance of autos, aircraft, boats và other vehicles* DISPLAY và GRAPHIC:Drawing on 3M’s technology platforms, we provide products – display enhancement films, reflective materials, eye-catching graphics & more – that people around the world rely on every day.* ELECTRO & COMMUNICATION: We turn 3M technology into solutions for customers in electrical, electronics and communications markets around the world. We contribute to reliable sources of electrical power, high-performance electronic devices, & speedy and dependable telecommunications networks globally.* SAFETY SECURITY & PROTECTION SERVICE:Our products increase the safety, security & productivity of people, facilities and systems around the world. We’re also a leading supplier of roofing granules for asphalt shinglesOUR VALUES:- Act with uncompromising honesty và integrity in everything we do.- Satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value và service.- Provide our investors an attractive return through sustainable, global growth.- Respect our social & physical environment around the world.- Value và develop our employees" diverse talents, initiative & leadership.- Earn the admiration of all those associated with 3M worldwide.To support business growth, 3M Vietnam needs qualified employees for the positions: Company Size: 100-499