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The Prince of Portland StreetThe Prince of Portland Street

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:Ya Bao and Da Dou are close friends living on Portland Street. Bao used lớn be a groom in a villa. He was called “Prince of Portland Street”. But he was hit on the head during a fight. After that, he becomes“Silly Bao”. The kind Yaoqiong gambles with a gangster due to her greediness. But she loses completely. Her friend Cookie helps her lớn run away. Luckily, they meet domain authority Dou who helps them lớn run away from Ji. But soon, Yao is caught by the gangsters, & Bao is injured when he rescues Yao. Da Dou is in prison since he bites Ji’s ear off to lớn avenge Bao. Bao recovers under Yao’s care. When da Dou comes out from jail, Bao gives him a medal carved with a word “loyalty” and titles him “The Second Prince of Portland Street”. Ji can’t accept this result, so he decides khổng lồ revenge.Autumn Fairy TaleThe Magic Lotus LanternSubmissionMermaid in the fogFantasy MagicianMonster HospitalFox in FusoSecret Agent & His Beautiful WifePerfect Match: True LoveBACK ON THE SOCIETYthe Female Chief of the Shadowing KingLust,LoveFall in Love with My BadboyThe Lengend of Xuan LingKiller SharkThe Fate Of SwordsmanLaoshan TaoistThe Legend Of Jade Sword玄天风云Beauty CEO''s Personal AgentThe maid of the blind masterHis Highness Fox Lord Falls in LoveBeauty Of Tang MenExquisite ConcubineTomb of the RiverWhite SnakeThe Untamed: Living DeadThe Untamed-Fatal JourneyDevil CEO's Contract LoverFall in Love With My King

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